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The Birthday Puppy

Here at The Birthday Puppy, we help you build an exciting themed gift perfect for your pet!

Each themed box is filled to the brim with goodies for your pet and for you. All boxes are customized for your best friend. 


Birthday Boxes

We have so many themed boxes for you to chose from for your pet's birthday, holiday, or just because! All boxes are customized for your specific pet. You can shop all of our birthday boxes here.

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It’s Prom Season

We have everything you could need for Puppy Prom this year! Pick up a special gift for yourself or send a gift to your prom date. There are so many ideas for you to choose from.

We also have your prom attire all ready for you. There are tuxedos for the boys, one of a kind prom outfits for the girls, and plenty of accessories to help you stand out and look your best.

And don’t forget to check out the Promposal box!


Be Hoppy Spring Shop

After the long winter, we are all so happy to hop into Spring! Who’s ready for something colorful and new?

Shop our new Be Hoppy Spring Shop for all your springtime toys and accessories.




We have lots of new items to share with you!

Here you can find our newest birthday box selections, in addition to special seasonal items.

This week, we have lots of new toys, clothes, and boxes for all your adventures!